I'm wondering if anyone knows this character that I ran into on my last trip to the island. We were eating at El Patio when this older thin genleman came up and started talking with us. He was funny and charming and just plain a riot.

His stories were about being stranded on Fiji during a war and eventually moving to Abergris because he missed the island life so much. He also wrote a book about his experiences and made sure to mention that his book couldn't be sold in the US stores because it had a toppless lady on the cover. I believe he said I could find the book at one of the stores down by the beach, maybe an art store? can't remember for sure.

I can't remember his name, nor the book title. Does anyone here know whom I'm talking about? I'd love to find him to get a few more stories out of him while I'm down in a couple weeks.

Now back to your regularly scheduled drivel...