guzz - if it seems like no one is nailing down a spot to go that is because great places are all over, live music is different every night. San Pedro Town is small so "big bands" from the mainland usually play weekends, local talent is every where. Along with BC's barbq, Holiday House has a Wed? night beach barbq with live music, those three Amigos are great, listen to the words, those guys love to crack jokes! I think Ramon's has live (I've heard a Barbq, but I never went, yet). Fido's has live talent regularly, heard live at the casino, and too many places to say, depends on the day! Iguana, Tarzan's, and Big Daddy's are more disco, recorded music and have dance floors, Boatyard, open air.
Celebrations are another deal completely, if you are lucky enough to catch a festival in San Pedro Town I can guarantee you great live music on the beach Town Square.
The Party will be anywhere You Three Beautiful Women are, No Problem.
Belize it!