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The people you speak of are why some guide books are trash

I was specifically referring to knowledgeable expats like yourself, so not sure what the problem is.

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Peace corp volunteers,,are great...but they do not travel

This is a joke, right? It's a rare long-term volunteer (Peace Corps, VSO, or other) that has not thoroughly explored his or her host country, taking advantage of the time, language skills, and contacts. In addition, some volunteers work on community-based, small-scale tourism efforts which I can share with my readers. (An example is the artists/tour-guide cooperative in Indian Church.) They also live on small budgets, so always know about cheap places to eat and public transportation -- In short, a goldmine of info for the budget traveler who reads my books.

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Local tourism folks?????????????

Yes, absolutely. Although some government tourism folks are useless, others are very helpful; I'm also talking about non-government Belizeans in the tourism industry (1 in 4 Belizeans, right?) -- water taxi drivers, hotel owners, local business group leaders.

All of these people need to be interviewed to add to the legwork and site inspections that I do myself -- or hire someone to do.