Hi, first post, but I've enjoyed lurking for a while. Coming to AC in a couple weeks to look at Las Terrazas and Belize Legacy Resort properties. Any info about those places would be helpful (pm if you prefer), but mostly I'm curious about a statement in the Fishing section of the site: "Almost nobody fishes from the beach on AC, but then almost nobody fishes, period, out of AC."

I was going to bring my saltwater fly rod and bonefish flies and just walk the beach in those areas I mentioned, but is the statement above true? I don't have time to hire a guide this first trip, and don't care if I catch anything or even see anything, but I find it hard to believe that no one fishes from the beach in AC. I realize that the best flats are only boat accessible, but surely there are some areas around those two resorts that have wadeable flats? Thanks in advance.