OK, so I know it's been discussed before...but can we get an updated list of San Pedro's best kept food secrets? Here are my picks...

Best Breakfast - Estelle's Breakfast Burritos, Neri's Tacos, George's Kitchen Breakfast Sandwich.

Best Lunch - Monkey Bites, Blue Water Grill, BC's Sunday Ribs

Best Dinner - Casa Picaso, Blue Lotus, Blue Water Grill

Best Pizza - Blue Water Grill, Pirate Pizza

Best Stewed Chicken - George's Kitchen

Best Lounge/Bar - The Playa Lounge, The Palapa Bar, BC's

Best Kept food secret - El Fogon, Neri's Tacos, The Papusa Lady on Middle Street

Best Burger - El Divino (sometimes quantity is quality)

Appreciate your picks as I would hate to miss out on something.