Aeroplan, for us, really isn't that bad. We leave here to T.O. around eight, we have a few hours in T.O. and then onto Charlotte where we overnight. This really is not that bad because we arrive in BZE around eleven thirty the next morning and still have a full day. We are normally on the island at or around twelve-thirty. And, as previously noted, we are rested. I really do hate overnighting in T.O. on the way back. If we are unable to get the 1 pm flight back to YQR we arrive in the T.O. hotel aroud 1 a.m. and then have to catch the 8 a.m. flight. NASTY! MAN that billion dollar airport is a mess!!! We almost missed a flight home to YQR from T.O. because of line ups at the airport and we were there 2 hours prior to our flight PLUS we already had our boarding passes (from a kiosk) and we had our bags tagged to YQR right from when we left BZE!!! They would not let us simply drop our bags and go, we had to go to the person at the counter where we "dropped our bags and went"???

On another note, I have personally spoken with a West Jet upper echelon person and he said that they had looked at Belize and have decided againgst it. However, there is another "startup" charter company that is very interested in going from Calgary to Belizd direct, this will apparently take several years unfortunately.