Tony's next door has nice food, and so does Patty's. We didn't do a lot when we were there in Corozal (other than we ended up buying some property in Sarteneja via Corozal Realty (small world scenario - Warren Mudry has a brother who lives in Kelowna and works with our friend at Costco) - but we didn't know that until there in Belize - just a fluke that we connected with Warren. We did bus it to Belize City though and then went to Caye Caulker for 2 days - did snorkelling trip through Tsunami Adventures. Stayed at Blue Wave - ok, nothing special. In Belize City - stayed at Hotel Mopan - quite decent. Next time we are back we'll spend more time seeing local sights. We essentially just walked around a lot, talked to random people - and then hung out at the Corozal Bay Inn bar. If you end up eating at Tony's - their staff member Pamela is great. At Corozal Bay Inn - Galindo, Paco and Maya (last 2 just got married or were supposed to). Maya isn't even staff - she just helps out for something to do - lol. Also - best internet spot is Gamma Computer Center - Armando is the owner. Next would be Mirador hotel but they don't have a mouse for their keyboard so that was a pain. You'll like it in Belize. Just ignore the garbage around - it is getting better we understand. Caye Caulker was very clean.