Thanks everyone (Inky, Cakelee and Sweetjane) who responded to my last thread.
Your advise was extremely invaluable and make me really think hard whether should I buy a condo in Belize or not.
My situation is I am not financially independent, I have a job in Oregon which let me take only one month vacation a year so the rest 11 months the condo will sit vacant unless rented out. Given that I will need to make payments on this second mortgage
(it has to be a second mortgage since I do not have USD 100 grand and up hanging freely in my bank account) plus HOA fees and taxes, I want to make sure that I will collect
enough in rents for this to happen.
Is it worth renting, how much hassle does it take, how much actual profit do you make over the HOA dues plus utilities and real estate broker fees, how easy to find a renter (if I have a beachfront condo, which I do not yet and this is precisely why I am making all the inquiries to help me make the decision to buy or not to buy).
As for the particular location for the condo to buy if this will ever happen then it has to be in AC, on a quiet beachfront with no nightclubs, casinos and bars around. Would you experts know what particular place will fit this criteria?