I agree with Jesse
I don't smoke or drink alcohol and it looks to me like those who do spend about half their income on that - some even more.
The things that cost a lot for me is eating out and diving. So I limit those - mostly to when I have guests who are usually generous. I came from California before the housing collapse so find the cost of buying land here very affordable. My friends from other parts of the US did not find it so. All things are relative and all the old clichés hold true – you get what you pay for – it’s only money – what goes around comes around – go figure?

Of course you can live in other parts of Belize for much less – but the price is too high.

No car payments
No car insurance
No gas guzzlers
Not much traffic (except Middle Street & in front of Tropic Air)
No need for shoes
Cheap property taxes
Cheap insurance
Cheap medical & vet care
Clean air
Fabulous fresh fruits & vegetables
Fresh fish & sea food
The nicest people you will ever meet
Sandy beaches
The most beautiful colors of sea water you will ever see and want to bottle

Unreliable utilities
Unreliable transportation
Everything else I would add would just be bitchen

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Take only pictures leave only bubbles