The passage of Tropical Storm Arthur also had an effect on San Pedro and
Caye Caulker. Area representative Manuel Heredia spoke earlier today with
Aiden Salazar of Reef Radio.

Minister of Tourism: Manuel Heredia

"I have been keeping in touch with the NEMO group in San Pedro. According
to Mr Billy Leslie there are about 65 boats under water in the lagoon and
on the sea. We got a report that a little house by Boca siege area was down
and a woman got hit in the head by zinc. The medical people are taking care
of her and she will be taken to Belize City for further care. There is a
lot of flooding in the areas: Escalante sub division, DFC and San Mateo
Area are under water. The RC school will be opened to people who live in
that area for accommodations. The councilors who are a part of NEMO are
going around and making sure that everything is being taken care of.

It is very important to mention that people should listen to the official
reports coming from people in charge. It is very unfortunate that there was
so much rain that it was unavoidable for this boat not to get water. The
people who own the boat knew about the weather but it is very unfortunate
that there was so much water all around. Some of the roads were
inaccessible, in San Pedro in an area near Ramon's a drain was blocked off
and there was a lot of water but there are looking into that and I know
that situation will be remedied. We should expect a lot more rain in the
next few hours but rest assure that myself and the NEMO group will do what
we need to do and we will inform you of the situation periodically as the
weather continues.

There is also an appeal from the Red Cross for people who have extra
blankets and used clothing to take it over to the San Pedro Town Council
where it will be taken to the people who need it. In Caye Caulker, there
are reports of some beach erosion but other than that everything there
seems to be under control."

Minister of Tourism and Area Representative for Belize Rural South Manuel