Belize-N-US, we started this discussion on the other thread but I moved here since it is a new topic.

As I understand it, you are trying to obtain a license to practice in Belize and disagree with their policy to restrict foreign doctors competing with Belize doctors. I get quite a bit of my medical work done in Belize and have been satisfied with the care. I guess I would agree with the policy protecting the Belize doctors from others coming to practice just like the government restricts work permits in other areas. From my experience, I see the availability of medical services by Belize doctors to be sufficient with the exception of many interior areas of the country. I certainly do not see a lack of doctors on AC. Belize doctors certainly do not have the income potential of doctors in the US and I think it would be a disincentive to attract Belizeans to study and practice medicine in their country if the country were to allow US doctors to semi-retire and practice there.