I want to live there full time.

In order to do that I will need some income.

"At present there is no full time anesthiologist. (One is on the island, but has not been able to obtain the necessary liscense.)"

This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. You have a needed service and a qualified doctor willing and able to provide said service but is unable to do so for hire do to government "protectionism" which is not needed.

How could I charge more for my services and expect people to use me? A free market would demand that I charge the going rate.

No U.S. doctor would come to Belize with his/her primary focus being money. I know I would make a small fraction of what I make here and I'm ok with that.

Future full time Belizeans
Tommy & Sonia Blackledge
Magee, MS 601-849-1918