"Are you building a hospital or clinic? How many people would you employ? How many other jobs would be created because of you coming down here and working?
Because your mud pie example states that you would be building and employee creating several jobs"

A clinic. I currently employ 6 full time employees, 2 partime employees, a clean-up person each evening and a grounds keeper each week.

The hospital employs 5 R.N.s for OB and 4 nursery aids all only for the OB service. Surgery employs 6 full time R.N.s and several aids, house keeping ect. which work for OB services as well as surgery services.

I purchase thousands of dollars worth of clinic supplies each month from various companies (much more so than I like).

A single busy doctor has a significant positive impact on the local economy.

Future full time Belizeans
Tommy & Sonia Blackledge
Magee, MS 601-849-1918