Many good thoughts on this thread. (This is lovey, not thurston this time!). Yes, Mark does some wonderful work here, but note is is here for a week. Many doctors and groups have been generous in donating supplies to the clinic and doctors on the island. I know all these groups are very grateful for the help. I think (sticking my neck out here!) one of the things all groups and physicians must be very mindful of: Show respect for the system and physicians and other medical personal in a third world country. We are not the last word in care and training, Cuba is a good example. In the 30 yrs. we have been in San Pedro, we have seen many improvements to health care and the addition of some very fine doctors. The community has worked hard to build the Polyclinic and of course we would all like to see more services provided. It will come , if everyone works together to achieve it.

R.B. Mernitz