Also, here are a few honorable mentions (not all new but figured I'd mention them anyway):

Beach'n Kitchen - Friendly place with good food at reasonable prices. And the doggie is very cute and always tired. We like to stop on our trek's north.

French Bakery / Sausage Factory - I recommend stopping by the French Bakery for some amazing bread and then the Sausage Factory for a smoked chicken. Take it back to the room for one fo the best sandwiches you'll have.

Pepperoni's - A very good option for pizza. You must have pizza at least one night while on the island and Pepeproni's is the best island pizza I've had (though haven't yet tried Pedro's which is supposedly great).

Hole in the wall just north of the airport (maby rosie's or ruby's or something) - I forget the name of the place but it's a little orange shack just north of the airport around the corner from the french bakery. Very good burritos and rice and beans. Nice place to get some lunch to go.

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