I have been approached twice buy youths wanting $ for "the crocodile show". I told them that it's wrong to feed the croc and one day someone will get hurt. Of coarse they ignored me.

In addition to someone getting killed or severely injured, the crocs will start to approach populated areas and the local authorities will be forced to kill them.

The first thing that could be done is placement of a large warning sign in this area to notify tourist NOT to encourage this activity.

Second, the town could consider a secure fence and enclose a few crocs for tourist to see safely and prevent these "domesticated" crocs from moving into other areas.

Just a couple of thoughts.

I will be back the first week of july and I am willing to help fund and install a sign if others would like to pitch in also.

The sign would need to be placed north of the site on a fairly secure property. I think we would be wasting time to place it on site as the youths involved would likely remove or destroy it.

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