One of the most frustrating things here is that no one monitors when the service goes down. Nights and weekends there is no one on duty to call. There are several places on the island where, when the electricity goes off, a cable switch is thrown. I was told by a long time local that in town there is a woman who goes and turns it back on. The switch at the bridge is a different story. If it goes out after 5:00 on Friday we donít have it back on until Monday morning. The last time this happened it was 8:18 in the morning before I got an answer and they didnít even know it was down. They did send a guy right out and in five minutes it was restored.

Someone with more influence than me needs to address this.

The other problem is their modems. Every time there is an interruption in service I have to totally disconnect the modem and reconnect it and push the reset button. Some times I have to do this several times.

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