It's been said a few times, but always have a back-up external power supply for your modems, wireless routers, lap tops etc no matter where you reside, but ESPECIALLY in Belize. They cost anywhere between $150-$300 USD to buy here, and of course are a lot cheaper in the US. Brown-outs, black-outs, and power surges will fry your equipment, even with strip "surge" protectors. If you truly, truly, truly need 100% reliable service for your business you may want to re-think Belize. The service is decent for the most part, but they do block VOIP and most commercial VPNs, and you are subject to annoying days where you want to throw your stuff through a window. It can also be more expensive than most places in the Caribbean and the States. I have a 100% internet-based business here as well, and some days I'm grinning and some days I've lost a clump of hair.

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