I believe I've told this story before. When last on the island, some locals wanted to take my friend to see the crocodiles. I begged her not to go with them and tried to explain how wrong it was and why. She chose to ignore the warnings because the locals made it sound exciting and she wanted the Belizean adventure. While I was telling her not to go, another Belizean who had been listening, started to give me heck for talking about things I don't know anything about, since I don't live there. He said that I would take the food out of the boys' mouths because that is how they make money. I told him that if they were stopped from feeding the crocs by lack of business, they would likely find better jobs (I meant safer jobs, and one would hope with a better future). The discussion pretty much ended at that point.

I believe my recommendation to the board at the time was flyers setting out the warning, the dangers, the fees and the fines be distributed to every hotel and rental property. Each property has a book with their hotel information, often some restaurant and tour info, why not some local warning info as well?

Cut off the supply of fools that go to see this activity and the activity would stop.

A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?