My favorite dinner in SP is unfortunately also one of the most expensive.

Blue Lotus has amazing Indian food but the prices are on the high end. To be fair, Indian food in the US is usually pretty expensive too.

Last time we were there we spent about $125 US per person... but we over ordered to get an array of tastes.

If you are a normal person and only get one entree each with an app and a drink or two, you will probably spend about $50-$75 USD each.

But it is well worth it. If you love Indian food, you will love it. If you like Indian food, you will love it. If you don't like Indian food, you will love the atmosphere and you might even find something on the menu that suits your taste anyway. If you hate Indian food, suck it up because someone else in your party does and can't you just for once do what they want to do???

Can't go wrong with Blue Lotus.

(apparently there is a father's Day special too: // )

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