I have been somewhat surprised at the animosity shown towards those of us who care to discuss non Belizean subjects, so I'll try to offer a perspective, which while unique to me will I'm sure be relevant to some other board members in some way.

I visited San Pedro 6 times in the last 12 months: I have a business there, a home under construction and would estimate that I would be extremely unlikely to walk around San Pedro for more than 10 minutes without seeing someone I knew, a very different situation from where I now live, having moved to Plano (north Dallas, 6,500,000 people) to be close, travel wise, to La Ilsa Bonita: for 4 years prior, I was in Moab, Utah a town of 5000, and before that in a little ski town called Red Lodge, Montana, population 2179, for 6 years.

Over the past year, I have formed many and varying relationships via this board: my trips down have been influenced by who would also be there, and my love for the island and the future of Ambergris Caye is an integral part of my life and also both my financial and emotional well being. My partner there is Belizean of Indian decent, and I'm happy to have friends of many ethnic backgrounds on the island. I try to evaluate people based on substance, not appearance

If I chose to debate an issue with fellow board members, I am at a loss to understand how this in any way detracts from the enjoyment of another viewer? Is there a finite limit on the number of characters that can be displayed? Is there a compulsion by some to read every post? There are many areas of the board that I rarely visit, but for some who may enjoy those areas, I feel no animus: perhaps a “Non Belizean” section in the chat forum would be an idea?

Both Mini Chat and Big are utilized far more by those of us outside the country as a means of keeping in touch with each other and as a way of feeling involved until such time as we are able to return, and discussing any and all subjects, including the election of the leader of the free world seems to be reasonable?

When I do return to San Pedro, I'll look forward to rehashing the same discussions with Reaper, although we agree on almost nothing (except perhaps that he does have a hot wife) to reconfirming that Otter is one of the good guys, and that there is some intelligent life along the banks of the Missouri, if you are prepared to look really hard while simultaneously drinking a lot. There may even still be an attorney in California who likes me, although it seems to be down to just one, and thats 'cause her neighbor has a Pug!

Perhaps when I'm down there for more extended periods, I will find other subjects to debate: the price of tortillas thanks to ethanol, the quality and bias of local media or the monopoly of Bowen and Bowen...the thing is, if I annoy you now, I'll probably still annoy you then, just on a different subject: until such time, lets keep debate civil, and remember we always have the option not to read, be it a post or an on line paper....only Tacogirls Blog is mandatory!

It's rarely rocket science, it's usually just math: then again if you can't do the math.......