We are fine here, thanks for asking. Virtually calm all day; little or no wind. Raining rather steadily all day, light to moderate. No thunderstorms. Presently light rain, no wind. Mopan has come up about 2 feet today, due to rain in Guatemala; still at average rainy season level. It was higher two weeks ago!

Many locations on the mainland are reporting calm conditions. Maps look awful, but not an accurate indication of local conditions. No one has recent news from San Pedro, because all telecommunications aids are down. Hopefully, they'll get a cell tower up as soon as crews can go in, and word can start getting out. Last reports were that winds were fierce and there was 3-5 feet of water over land, but 'folks' were OK, and hanging in there in the shelters. Majority of wind there was WNW'erly, so there wasn't much storm surge. Many resorts of concrete construction were reportedly OK, maybe with roof damage, but there is damage to lighter structures.

Our hearts and prayers are with all our brothers and sisters out there; and hopefully, we'll hear something from them soon.