from Isla Holbox, Mexico, not too far from us in the Yucatan. lots of similar beasties. including fab pictures of a cow nosed ray migration.  
Whale sharks, manta and golden rays, bottlenose dolphins, flamingos, Tropical Kingbird, egrets, Groove-billed Ani, Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Yellow - faced Grassquit, Mangrove Swallow, Great Blue Heron, juvenile, Buff-Bellied Hummingbird, Green-breasted Mango Hummingbirds, Magnificent Frigatebird, Brown Pellican, Great -Tailed Grakle, Willet, Royal Tern, Wilson Plover, Anolis Lizard, Tropical Mockingbird, Mangrove Warbler , juvenile, Spiny -tailed ( black ) Iguana, Zenaida Dove

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