I have taken, over several trips, kitchen gadgets, etc., linens, window blinds, for 2 condos through the airport. I found those at customs friendly and cooperative. There is a web site that will tell you exactly the duty on items. It varies. You are charged the duty on the cost of the item plus shipment (no shipment costs via airport), enviromental tax on some items. The sales tax is applied to the total. It will, on most items amount to about 40%. Some computer items and tools as I remember, have low duty. I have found it more economical to buy these items in the states taking advandage of sales, coupons, etc. with a better selection. I always take my receipts, and have informed the custom agents of the receipts, but they have never looked at them. Of course, with the new additional costs that some airlines are charging for luggage, might be cheaper in Belize.