No, not another product of the Coca Cola Company, but "the Committe to Oust Lord Ashcroft", sponsored by the Amandala.

The UDP is pretty unanimous; they don't like the guy (envy seems to have a high position in their party standards) while our new UDP Prime Minister was his faithful attorney for the past years. In fact Barrow & Williams still represents Ashcroft, Belize Bank and BTL.

The PUP is divided; some like him and some don't. One thing is for sure, without his money Belize would not be where it is today, and let's be honest, at the time there was no-one out there the same financial capabilities - and even if so it would probably have been much more costlier to Belize.

Why complain? At least the guy is a Belizean born "self made man!" In his latest conquest is Channel 5 - probably to have his opinion heard in Belize - [u]and promptly Janelle Chanona resigned.[/u] One thing is for sure, Lord Ashcroft keeps dividing the Belize public opinion.

The latest fact: Belize Times taken over by the "new PUP" after painful negotiations (the Musa- and Fonseca-clan didn't want to give up their party-newspaper) is going through changes, and again the differences of opinion about our fellow Belizean Billionaire "Lord Ashcroft" are the reason for resignations...

Originally Posted by Belize Times
Why Belize Times' Editor Alberto Vellos Resigned
posted (June 25, 2008)

Earlier this week, we told you about Janelle Chanona’s departure from Channel 5. Well in news of a slightly less noteworthy but equally intriguing nature, 7NEWS has confirmed that Belize Times’ Editor Alberto Vellos has resigned. Like most newspaper editors, Vellos kept a fairly low profile, and had only taken up the post after the general election in February. He had been at the times for some years before that.

But what is interesting are the reasons behind his departure. Sources tell 7NEWS that some pressure came down on Vellos after the Belize Times featured no coverage of last week’s COLA march. Notable because two of the party’s deputy leaders Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde were in that march, and because even inside the new PUP there is tension about loyalty to Lord Ashcroft.

That tension arises because two of the closest advisors to party leader John Briceno are professionally affiliated with Ashcroft: Eamon Courtenay is retained as an attorney for the Belize Bank and Telemedia, while Amalia Mai is the new CEO at the BTL-owned Channel 5. All that, while Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde take their stand behind the zinc. So when no article appeared in the Times, it created some friction, and sources tell us Vellos was blamed. From what we’re told, he rejected that position and resigned.

Another casualty of the new Briceno–controlled Belize Times is the Godfrey Smith column Flashpoint. Smith had openly opposed and used the column to criticize his then fellow Deputy Leader and since the takeover of the party assets, Smith’s column has been kicked out of the paper and he’s relegated to publishing his column on the internet.

Live and let live