Hi all, We did Ambergris Caye last year for our honeymoon and went all out with Victoria House and also stayed on caulker for a few nights at Seaside. It was wonderful and we fell in love with it. AND concieved our first child there, who is now 3 months old!
Anyhow, we are hoping to go back next July with our son who will be 15 months old. This time we are wanting to go on the cheap. We love laid back places with good people.
Could you recomend some inexpensive places to stay for a reasonable price that would allow a child? I think last time someone suggested Corona Del Mar...is that still a good option?
We are also thinking of inviting my parents, so places with 2 bedrooms would be a great option.
Thank you so much.
Do you think the airfare will EVER go down?! :o(. That is what may prevent our return, but I hope not.
:o) Caroline