Think about who started bringing in SUVís, pickup trucks, Delivery trucks and automobiles! It wasnít the tourists nor was it the gringo retirees. The sand streets were turned into oil soaked dirt beyond repair by grading. As much as I dislike these vehicles on this island I have to understand the egoís that drive these purchases. Belizeanís are no different than any other people when it comes to wanting to keep up with the Jonesís. They watch TV and go to Belize City and see shiny new cars complete with air conditioning. They have made a lot of money selling beach front to developers or running a gift shop, etc.
With the expense and frustration of maintaining a golf cart a motor vehicle looks pretty nice --- any way for a while.

EVERYONE has complained about the traffic jams in front of Tropic Air. The new terminal was needed in order to open up the street and reroute traffic. Do you really think they should build a palapa? I imagine they will move their offices and cargo all into one building.

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