Got a e mail from a local friend who said ,that Pinki knox is no more ?? closed I thought to my self how tough it is to open a place here as you need to open with a bang from the get go .And all who know this was not the case here . My guess it was not planned out well ,I will not go over my food report ,but neddless to say it was not to my liking.Not that I am the worlds number one food and service Guru but I know hot from not!!! I feel very sorry for this couple as they came here with a dream to open a business and live the dream but only to find out it was a nightmare .The island has some great places to eat so it just did not happen .. The others where so much better all around.Hate to see this happen to nice people but any one comming here has to understand what it takes to open a sucessful place here.You must do your home work and have money ,time and skill.Then you got a shot to live the dream.

Living The Dream Every Day!