thanks for the info guys - I have had good experices with the street vendors here as well - - but there will be a couple of kids joining us on the island in a couple of days and finding a good burger/fries place has been impossible - - by "good" i mean cheap.
So far, asside from the street vendors, everything else we have eaten has been far more expensive then back home. pizza was like 45.00BZD - for a pizza you wouldnt pay more than 10-15 dollars for at boston pizza back home. had a stir fry too - checked the price before hand and thought it seemed just slightly over "reasonable" but when i got the bill it said that all prices were in US dollars!!! What the heck... why would you have US prices in Belize? needless to say i was a bit shocked.

Ok i have vented enough - - asside from the food (prices), the island has been really good so far - But thank you all for your suggestions, i will check out all of your recomendations - we are here for a few more weeks yet.