Iíve talked to Tyler Ė manager or Sweet Basilís about marketing but it just isnít happening.

Their food is wonderful, the service good and the view and breeze very nice. I really want this place to make it. They will even deliver here on the north side. However, I am concerned about the lack of business.

Last week we had a home owners meeting here at the Villas so made a reservation for eight as I wanted to make sure they had enough food. Everyone was delighted with their choices.

What I finally realized was that when we had the pull ferry everyone wanted to experience that and it only made sense to cross over and go to Sweet Basilís for lunch or dinner.

Crossing the bridge is not nearly as interesting. I do hope some of you will take the extra effort and give them a try.

Al Ė there was a period of time when Sweet Basilís was not run by Tyler and his wife and was not good. Give them another try.

I think messages here have sometimes mixed up Pinki Knoxx & Sweet Basils.

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