Brussel sprout ,You probaly know them better than me!!! As I only had dinner one night there ,But spoke to lots of local friends who had dinner there <and I can share with you That yes there business was poorly planed Stevie wonder could see that !!!And the thought process of opening a business that has a lunch menu of crapes only for lunch nothing else !!!!! And four or five over price ,small dinner portions ,is just plain silly in fact stupid and not well thought out ..This was a Major factor of why they closed up!!!! My comnents where that of there very poor business model,just like the person who opened a Swiss fondue resturant here , at exotic caye resort they served over priced ,small potions plus she had no personality ..Now that Gunius lasted only two weeks .. There personal stuff or life style is none of my business as I do know them ..while I am sad that there dream was gone and went bust hopefully they will bounce back and live there dream again and make it happen ,you would not know this but one of the biggest dept stores was RH macys in new york they went bust/bankrupt seven times but made ito a great store.. I am talking from a Entrepreneurs point of view with nothing to gain by my comments .I do not enjoy watching a person lose a business.But wish every new resturant on the island well I love to dine out it is one of this island pluses. One big part of paradise ..I am talking about Pinki knox untimely Demise not sweet basils which I liked vey much...And will try again ..

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