Hey Blue Water,

I did say the food was great. Just pricier than most of the other places on the island. The mussels were OUTSTANDING but for the price ...........they were more than we have ever paid for a appetizer of '5' anywhere else. The rest of our meal was exceptional also.

Will I ever eat at your place again ....Ya betcha. Will I ever order the mussels.... Ya betcha!! The service was among the best, read... professional, on island. The restaurant ambiance is among the nicest. An upscale restaurant no matter where it would be located.

Hang on I'm gonna look up the CC bill for our dinner there.......

OK, I looked up what we paid dinner at Blue Water. We had a guest from the island join us so that makes three people for dinner. We ordered one appetizer, one bottle of wine, two island rum & cokes and three entrees. We did not order the cheapest things on the menu. The total for our meal was $100 US. I am not sure if that included tip. In my book that's a bargain (tip or no tip) no matter who you are or where you eat!

Sooooo as I said, the food was great but the price was a little higher than any of the other places we ate while we were on the island.