We have to realize that San Pedro is growing more everyday.We are no longer the quaint little fishing village we were twenty years ago.And as expected with all this growth changes come.Some are really good, like all the employment generated by tourism, some not so good such as the higher crime rate, bad streets.But pointing fingers and and playing the blaming game as to who started bringing trucks to the island is not gonna solve anything.But as with everything in life it cant all be perfect.The new terminal will help with the traffic problem, not just the people living here, but everyone.Will the island loose some of it's charm??? perhaps,but we have to come to think that the tourists visit our island for the hospitality, our beaches, not the infrastructure,My grandparents used to live in a thatch house, and used to cook using a fire hearth, not so today but they are still the same.San Pedro is developing, but we are still la Isla Bonita