Pamkillen nobody is going to jump down your throat because you point out the obvious. What is less obvious is the solution.

What Vern said is that one of the kids died from contaminated water by her house - not the school. It might be better to actually post what he said rather than picking out parts of what he said.

I would have been there but had a meeting with Manuel Heredia last night discussing the sanitation or lack there of in San Mateo.. A 3 year old child died this week from a infection after falling into the water around their house 2 weeks ago and getting a skin infection and fever... the little sister of one of my students... very sad..
We are awaiting the autopsy report to confirm the exact offical cause of death she was running a temp of 104 when the hospital sent her home.. she never made it home....
We have 37 reported cases of skin infections from contact with the water back there, that we have treated at the school. Heredia now has the names also to use as a tool to push the issue in Cabinet..
Heredia will be going to Cabinet and seeing if they can get a grant to fix and fill that area so we do not have this happen again.. I have been fighting for this for the last 4 years and now hope that finally something will get done..


I am by no means a huge advocate of Vern Wilson - I don't know him and I don't talk to him, but I do know that whether it is ideal or not, Vern has managed to take 450 kids that were not going to school and provided them with an education, 3 meals per day, a reason to be happy and an opportunity to be kids. They get to play, they get to learn, they get to eat and also realize their potential.

I believe that the outrage should stop being aimed at Vern, Francis and the Holy Cross school and be focused on getting the GOB to relocate the school to a more practical, less hazardous area.

Whether these kids are legally Belizean or not the fact of the matter is that they live here and they will either become contributing members of our community or troublemakers in the future. I would much rather see them getting an education, getting ahead, and enjoying life on the island.

The school board doesn't really need an expert to come in and tell them what their problems are, I am fairly certain they have a very good idea already.

Solutions anybody?