Solution: There have been many issues brought up on this board concerning the declining quality of life on AC - too many to itimize. There is always talk of getting the GOB to come and solve the problems. It is not happening. There have been other efforts to have tourists donate to solve problems. IMO, it is pasts time for San Pedro residence to find workable solutions to their problems. AC is the richest place in Belize. Time for AC to use those riches to solve their problems. Quit expecting taxes from tourism and business taxes to solve all the problems. Sure, in a perfect world with a resonably competent national government that might happen. It is not a perfect world and a long way from GOB being competent.
Tax yourselves and the people like me who own property there who want what we are not getting and solve our problems.
You can wait for GOB and income from tourism to do it and watch AC continue to decline in quality and NECESSITIES of life, or take charge of your own destiny.

PS Amanda: if you have a little extra time, figure how much tax dollars would be generated if people like me, forget for now the "local people" who some argue could not afford a higher real estate tax - although another discussion, if I were to pay lets say one forth of the tax I pay on other similar properties I own as opposed to what I pay now for my condo and see how much revenue that would generate on the island.