I and other members of the NAC NW met and spoke with the mayoress about the sewer problem(or lack of it)about a year ago. She told me they were meeting with BWS about installing a sewer system there that very day. I asked how could future situations of this kind be prevented in the future, as more and more will build in swampy areas. She assured me that now that the Town Board has authority to approve or deny building of any houses, they would stop any more houses being built without adequate sewerage. Yet houses continue to be built in San Mateo all the time. I'm told BWS refused to put in a sewer because there are no designated roads and they cannot install water or sewage pipes unless it's thru deisignated roads. So the residents continue to dump their waste buckets directly into the lagoon.Solution?? I don't know. Not long ago I pointed out to the Mayoress that buildings were still going up, and she said she hadn't known and that she would check on it.