I'll give you what I have:

Manifest lists for all water taxi's (nothing different than the airlines.)

Registration of all individuals renting rooms on the island (nothing different than the checks required for tenants in the US and Canada.)

Mexican system of guilty until proven innocent (ouch.)

Coast guard base to be built at the south tip (great idea.)

Taxi drivers to be the eyes and ears of the police (similar to taxi watches throughout North America.)

Criminals should have less civil rights than law abiding citizens (damn right.)

Community to be notified when criminals are released on bail as they are returned to their last known address (can you say website with pictures.)

Doubling the existing police force (26 officers to 18,000 residents, something is wrong there.)

The ability to anonymously identify and testify against criminals with out fear of retribution (half of our problem.)

Any other contributions?