A child has died due to the unsantitary area around her home - she was not a student at the school.

Please don't confuse the issues. There are more than just one.

Yes there is a sanitation problem in San Mateo.

Yes the school could do with improvements.

Yes a child has died in San Mateo. Allegedly due to some water borne illness (autopsy pending.)

NEMO has stated that all coastal areas must be evacuted during Tropical storm threats - this means we will not be building hurricane shelters on the caye. No responsible government is going to build shelters and therefore encourage its people to stay in an area that can be severely impacted by a storm surge.

4 storey buildings on the caye have been granted before and will be again. No special promises would need to be made in order to secure the building permits.

The Holy Cross school came into existence due to the crises in lack of student spaces in other schools. The San Pedro Town council was desperate to find a solution, and along came the Wilson's with their promise to provide a school. The Town Council donated the land, and the Wilson's, in conjunction with the Anglican Archdiosese have achieved what they had set out to do.

Perhaps some kids from other schools have switched to an area closer to home, or because of the nutritious meals, or because there is a full time nurse on staff. That is their perogative. The Roman Catholic school is bursting at the seams and needed the relief any way.

I don't have the figures but considering I seem to observe about 5 babies + being born a week, and about 1 death each month - this town's population is continuing to grow at a very rapid rate. We need the school.

With all due respect I humbly say:

Asking for solutions doesn't mean write more words, experess your outrage louder and longer until you are hoarse, it means roll up your sleeves and help find ways to improve the situation - or please back off and let those that are working tirelessly to make improvements get on with it.