You'd fit in well in this area. Don't rely on working as you'll find it difficult to get a work permit, especially as there lots of Belizeans unemployed. Lots of areas are safe (not 100% - read this board - but an awful lot safer than many other places). Whether they're affordable depends on your expectations. Beachfront properties here are very costly, but move off the beach and they become much more affordable. For example, I know one vertical duplex quite close to town in very good order that you'd probably get for not much more than $200k.

But really you need to visit for at least a few weeks to see for yourself, sound out realtors, and generally get the feel of the place. Don't make any significant decisions until you've tested them out on the ground.

You say you'll still have to work. I hope you mean something you'll be doing back home. Do NOT depend on working here.