I ate at Hidden Treasures recently. It is very pretty. The staff were welcoming and the service was excellent. The house Merlot was a good wine and served correctly, at the right temperature. The menu was well thought out with lots of alternative options.

I thought that it was too dark. We couldn't really see what we were eating at all. The lobster chowder that I was served as an appetizer, was served at a lovely temperature. I thought that the fish stock was somewhat too strong and overwhelmed the flavour of the lobster, but it was not bad.

I had ribs served with baked potato and steamed veggie. The potato was a bit small and unappealing really. The steamed veggies were very good. The ribs were tender, tasty and generously portioned, but I felt that the sauce was too rich.

Overall it was a good dinner. It was a bit pricey for me when compared to some other excellent restaurants. For ambience, Hidden Treasures would be a great place for drinks and appetizers.

I am going to try it for lunch as I am sure it will be a completely different experience.

My favourite restaurants are Wild Mangos and El Fogon.

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