It's Amazing...
Here is one political news story Fox News wont tell you. Obama (our future president) has cured a man of a serious illness. Or at least something he has said in one of his political speeches has some effect on the man. Nester Todd a 72 year old man from Cincinnati Oh has a rare condition known as Elbillug Degenerative Disorder, or EDD. Todd has been suffering from the affliction which slowly erodes the brains neuron processing abilites , basically it eats away at your brain while your still alive. Doctors gave him six months to live last November, but at a Obama Campaign Ralley Todd was attending, he said that during the speech he felt as though his mind was being cleansed. The following day Todd decided to go back to his Doctor who gave him a cat scan. It was a miracle, not only had the disease appeared to go into remission it apparently eradicated it from his entire system. Todd said that when the Senator was talking about hope and change it brought tears to his eyes; and he along with several others believes that the inspiring words of the Senator Obama triggered a healing effect brought on by high levels of hope.

"He may just be divine after all." -Nester Todd

Dr. Casey the examining physician and long time democrat said he has never seen anything like this before. He theorizes that a spark in Serotonin levels may be responsible for the mans remarkable healing, but he doesn't rule out something more divine in the process. Casey a noted physician is no atheist. He doesn't rule out the factor that Obama may have a spiritual healing ability about him, people all over the country have been filled with hope and joy just from hearing him speak. The more he talks to people all over about healing our government we are hearing about people with chronic illness getting better just as a result of hearing Barack speak. In Nester Todds own words "Its amazing and a phenomenon that's sweeping the country, just because he happens to be a politician doesn't mean there can be something more to the man. He may just be divine after all."

Thought this was pretty funny too!
The arrival of the Messiah!

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