A school for illegal children was built by the Wilson's was built in a totally unsuitable area-we are not a charity on this island -there is no register to find out if the children are Belizean-the school gives free breakfasts and lunch(I have never heard of this being done anywhere in the world)-the school psychiatrist told me to rewrite the letter that was put in the paper 1 year ago-she stated that all the Wilson's want is numbers-basically it is wake up and smell the roses -imo the GOB is not to blame -the blame is that immigration should go and check the childrens and therefore their parents credentials if they did this at every school I would think we will have a lot of spaces in the various schools-added to this Rich Grimm told FRancis people would die if they did not improve their systems aa 1000% guess what they ignored the professionals advice-it is an open sewer back there.we need a new school but put it where the medical school is and this has been offered to the town board