I had thought of posting a poll but think this subject is a little too involved to ask for cut and dried responses.

I am gathering info on what the general public feels is an appropriate rate to be charged for property taxes.

I am hoping that everybody that is interested please email their responses to the following questions to this email address:

[email protected]

1.State your name and address.
2.Whether or not you own land on the island, or in Belize
3.Address of the land you own in Belize if applicable.
4.Whether or not you are a registered Belizean Voter.
5.The amount of property taxes you pay.
6.The amount of property taxes you would be willing to pay.
7.The amount of property taxes you believe should be charged.
8.Would you rather see the property taxes be raised or would you prefer to see a new fee levied to help pay for the required basic infrastructure, additional security, basic health care and basic schooling - or neither of these choices.
9. Any additional comments you may have regarding the welfare of the island and its community.

If you would like for me to email you back with a synopsis of the results please indicate and I will respond.

Your personal information will be kept private and the only data I will be using publically will be a general concensus of the results of this survey.

Please take a few minutes of your time and respond to these questions to the email address that I have created to receive the answers.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

Amanda Syme, JP
Sunrise Realty

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