Amanda Syme posted a question about property taxes to this forum and then the post was blocked for public responses to the same forum in response to the question posed. I don't know the reason for that but I think if you ask a question to the public then let the public answer transparently about how they feel so the answers can be publicly debated. I am tired of "secrecy" issues concerning public issues.

That said, I believe Amanda's question is slyly posed. First of all, raising property taxes is not the only way to raise funds for the projects mentioned in her post. There are numerous other ways to raise funds for municipal projects that are less cumbersome on poor people.

In fact, I would be unequivocally opposed to the raising of property taxes specifically because property taxes create undue hardship for the people who can least afford it -- the poor.

I would suggest, instead, the recommendation that a per unit Impact Fee be charged to any developer over a certain size intending to build on the island. Impact Fees would revert to the City Council to upgrade utilities, road works, etc. to meet the increasing demands caused by the needs of these large-scale developments.

Thanks and cheers,
Wendy Auxillou

Wendy Auxillou
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