[Linked Image] I haven't seen any Solar Powered Golf Carts in San Pedro yet, but I think that may change! I looked up some related web sites; here is an interesting article on autobloggreen: Greener golf with a solar golf cart[/u].

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"What we have here is a solar-powered golf cart which uses 48 volts worth of batteries to power its 5.5 horsepower electric motor. According to the specifications, the roof-mounted solar panels increase its range by about sixty percent over regular electric golf carts. That solar installation offers three amps per hour and can completely charge the batteries in fifteen hours. Otherwise, a regular outlet can charge the vehicle overnight.

Top speed is said to be twenty-four miles per hour. That seems plenty fast enough for the golf course, if you ask us. We also think that its 755 pound capacity should be more than enough for a couple of golfers and their assorted gear. Two cup holders are available for when the ever-important beer cart makes it over to your area, so all the bases appear to be covered."

I found two Solar Golf Carts on Cruise Car: [u]the Sunray and Kudo.

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Sunray Cruise Car™
This baby just loves the sun – and why not when the sun recharges the batteries through the top solar panel.
This is one of the most comfortable and durable golf vehicles manufactured. There’s no need to limit your Sunray to the golf course when you can follow the sun through your planned community or take it with you on your RV and yachting adventures.
This environmentally-friendly vehicle recharges its own batteries in the sun through solar panels mounted on the roof so you save money and the environment!

Kudo Cruise Car™

The loveable stylish Kudo… Heads will turn when you’re cruising in this agile lower-speed vehicle.
This versatile sporty Kudo is perfect in planned communities as well as the golf course. The four seat 48 volt model is great for use in campuses, resorts, clubs, commercial properties, airports, and museums.
Kudo Cruise Car™ is fun and saves money too!
NOW AVAILABLE IN SOLAR! Kudo Passenger Series 8, and 14-Seat
COMING SOON! Solar Kudo Passenger Series 11-Seat

But you can also just buy the Solar Roof Panel Kit.

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Golf Cart Solar Roof Panel Kit
Eliminate fossil fuels in 10 years-make plug-in electric cars-Al Gore July '08
--SAVES Money.
--SAVES Energy.

Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of owning a solar golf cart with the Sunray Solar Roof Kit from Cruise Car. This revolutionary new product offers an easy and affordable way for consumers to GO GREEN. No gas is required to run a solar cart. As gas prices go up and natural resources become more valuable, solar energy is no longer a concenience-it is now a necessity!

You do not need to buy a complete new solar powered-cart. Get a replacement roof for a fraction of the cost of a new cart and receive all the advantages of extended life of your batteries and tax rebates for going solar.

The warranty for the solar roof panel is 25 YEARS. We guarantee that the panel will maintain its capacity and strength at 80% rate or better for 25 years.

The Sunray Solar Replacement Roof Kit:
-Is easy to assemble.
-Saves money on electricity.
-The payback for investing in a golf cart solar panel roof can be as little as two years.
-Uses photovoltaic cells.
-Allows individuals to save even more money with tax credits for purchasing solar.
-For every one and three-quarters hours the golf cart solar panel roof is charged in peak sun, it will drive one mile on flat terrain.
-Can be used on a two or four seat golf cart.
-The top is 72" long. It can be positioned forward to shade the windshield or back for a 4-seater golf cart.
-A Charge Controller regulates voltage and prevents over charging.
-Currently available for E-Z-GO Medalist/TXT (36 volt) and Club Car DS series (48 volt).
-Coming soon--Yamaha Electric and Club Car Precedent.
-Shipping is by truck freight as the kit is bulky and weighs 80 pounds.

These solar panels can generate up to 160 watts, 60 volts, and supply a hefty 3 amps directly to a 36 or 48 volt battery. As long as the vehicle is in the sun, the battery is constantly recharging itself through the solar panel.

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