Hi I posted these thoughts below in the wrong place the other day (ie in a topic that was not originally about this subject) so I am reposting here. The reason I wrote the post was in response to someone who was lamenting that the GOB had not allocated funds in this year's budget for any government works projects here on A.C. It is not intended as a rant, I sincerely would like to try to work on these issues, and would love to combine efforts with others who also interested. I know there have been some other threads in the past where people discussed the topic of waste management, but I don't know if anything came of it.

So here was my other post:

I totally agree - I really wish that they would come up with a better way to deal with the streets on the backside and up north other than throwing some big rocks in the holes and covering over with dirt just to have it become a muddy holey mess with the very next rain fall. So many people are commuting to work everyday from the DFC/San Pablo Area I think they deserve to have their roads fixed properly

Another thing in great need of attention is the garbage situation - I had recently talked with someone who was doing research on the perceived impact of a proposed large development to be done up north South of Bacalar Chico. My take is that if a developer is going to be profiting through a development that impacts the SP environment (ie they are getting something from it), besides being certain that 1) environmental impact is minimized or better yet 2) the development is constructed in a way to protect and enhance the experience of learning about the environment it is a part of, they should also give back to it - why can't the government and such a developer join together to fund the construction of a proper waste management/recylcing plant here on SP? If the design is a mystery, we can canvas universities in US or Europe for graduate students in waste management to come and help design something for credit, simlar to the way I think the design of the new football field/marina happened.

Any thoughts/ideas to add would be appreciated.

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