Even as the words left my mouth, I knew I had let an opportunity to score big time brownie points slip by me...

Jane and I were finishing our morning bike ride, and she asked me if instead of stopping somewhere on the way home, we could clean up first and head to The Olive Garden for lunch.

She of course does not sweat but rather glows, even in 100 degree Texas heat, and was actually ready quite quickly: I emerged from the shower and noticing how lovely she looked decided to make an effort, and reached for an Hawaiian shirt rather than my usual T-Shirt.

"Well you look very nice" said Mrs Pug, "Did you pick that shirt to match my outfit?"

And then it just spilled out...."NO, I knew I was going to have soup and salad, so I picked a shirt that wouldn't show if I spilled stuff down the front!"

The look on her beautiful face was so sad, like that of a Little League father who is just realizing there are no scholarships on the horizon for his little slugger, and that he'll be paying the full cost of a college education!

She must have forgiven me though, as she paid for lunch wink

It's rarely rocket science, it's usually just math: then again if you can't do the math.......