· Mexican business associations met with BELTRAIDE delegation in Mexico.

· BELTRAIDE discussed in Mexico about investment opportunities in Belize.

· Mexican entrepreneurs and investors interested in strengthening trade.

Belmopan, 6 August 2008.- Yesterday, the Mexican business sector and high officials from the Government of Mexico met in Chetumal City, Mexico, with Ms. Guadalupe Lima, Executive Chairman, and Mr. Jonathan D’Silva of Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (Beltraide), in order to strengthen trade between both nations and particularly between the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and Belize. Beltraide discussed about Belize trade opportunities and investment incentives, in activities like aquaculture, agriculture and tourism.

The meeting was sponsored by the Embassy of Mexico to Belize and the Chamber of Commerce and Services of Chetumal (CANACO). The event was attended by entrepreneurs and Mexican high officials, like the Ambassador of Mexico to Belize, the representative of the Federal Ministry of Economy, the representative of ProMexico (the Mexican counterpart of Beltraide) in Quintana Roo, Customs Chief Officer in Subteniente López, representatives of the Secretariat of Economic Development of the Government of Quintana Roo, the President of the CANACO-Servitur in Chetumal, the President of the Mexican Business Association (COPARMEX) in Chetumal, as well as the Mexican media.

The event was held at the CANACO headquarters in Chetumal. It was attended by over 50 Mexican entrepreneurs and business promoters, who expressed their interest in Beltraide options for investment and in strengthening trade and relations between both countries.