We've stayed on the ground floor at Maya Princess 2-3 times and it was great...lovely to sit on the patio and watch the water, boats, and people! Nice breeze too. But they are not 'inexpensive'.. This Nov. we're going to try the Caribbean Villas, good contacts with their people regarding info,etc. and liked the idea of the bird sanctuary too. Also my hubby's not much of a swimmer, so tires quickly when snorkeling--but liked the idea that if he wants, he can walk down the steps at their dock to the artificial reef. Supposedly one can sit on the steps and watch the fish from there (with a mask/snorkel I assume--or holding one's breath??)
You've GOT to eat breakfast at Estel's..wonderful!
(BY THE WAY..a helpful hint...take a set of old fashion rubber drain plugs..cheap, and helps avoid "bugs" even during mating season!! We learned that one last time!!)

“Sometimes I go this way, sometimes I go that way-but it's always MY way!" LOL! "Cheshire" in CA