I was in Playa this week and met a couple who stayed in SP at a resort -they enjoyed the island but found that where they were staying was a condo with a pool and no other facilities-now you can argue that they should have done a more in depth investigation on where they chose to stay.
However what should a resort have to be called a resort or indeed the new word of the last two years "boutique"
1.A bar/restaurant open for threee meals a day
2.A manned front desk/office with telephone and message and info service
3.A dive shop
4.A swimming pool
5.Internet service available without having to bring your own computer
6.Room service
7. Laundry service (not a washing machine in condo)
8.Full daily maid service

Please add other things that you consider necessary-I believe that by allowing condo owners and marketers who just pick up their clients at the airport sell them a few trips and give them a condo key and gc key is not a resort or even a two star hotel,and leads us as anisland losing repeat guests and also losing prospective guests